We are looking for artists! Please submit your work in the "submit" page.

What happens if we accept your submission

1. Information

We inform you and tell you that we accepted your music with an email after we listen to your submission.

2. Discord

Artist joins our discord server and we start live chatting. We talk about the track and the contract that needs to be signed.

3. Contract

If the artist accepts to sign our contract, we get into distributing and publishing the music.

4. Distributing & Publishing

We determine a release date for the track and release the track in the determined date. The track will be distributed to Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, TIDAL (WiMP), Napster (Rhapsody), Beatport (Selected Genres), YouTube Music, Facebook/Instagram and TikTok. Also the track will be protected on YouTube with the Content ID system, so no one can monetize their video with using the track in it. We upload a music video with a visualizer in our fast-growing YouTube channel.

5. Promotion

After the release is live, we promote it on some discord servers with over 2k members. We promote it on Instagram in our instagram page

Thats how you get signed to our label in 5 simple steps :)