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Approach labels like a pro

Published on 25 July 2022 at 14:40

Don't be spammy

You might think you'll get a reply faster if you send 15 emails with the same track to the same label. But the only thing you're then doing is creating a backlog for both all other existing demos and your own. It's much better to let the record label take their time and then when you get a response be thankful for that, also do respect the label's decision.

Get straight to the point

Try to not write too much background info about your track before pasting your demo track link, this will only make the label less likely to listen to your track in the first place.

Mention your previous successes

All labels appreciate it when you mention that a DJ, radio show, or in any way, an artist has supported you. When pitching your demo to the label you should therefore always mention your supports, it doesn't matter if it's a super small artist because anything is better than nothing when it comes to supports. 

Act professional

If you as the demo submitter act in a good manner, the label will behave likewise towards you. It's also the same when you act badly, the label will act likewise... If you also use correct grammar, the label will appreciate you more for being professional and it might make their point of view on the song better. 

Written & Edited by: Daniel Oak. 

- July 25th, 2022. 


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