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Best tips for collabing

Published on 1 August 2022 at 14:40

Build connections first

Collaborations are all about making connections and getting to know more producers, vocalists, and songwriters to work with. You can join a producer or artist forum, for example on Discord, and make connect with musicians working with the same genre as you do. You can also get yourself creative and find people outside your comfort-zone to make something in a completely different genre! 

Explore your creativity

Not just when collaborating with another producer should you try to widen your creative space. But in fact for any type of collaboration, it can be good let your creativity come to life and experiment with all possibilities. Even if they may sound stupid by themselves it can be a nice texture for the song. 

Let it take time

Collaborations are never fast pace, trust me. But if you really trust the collab partners and yourself, it will be worth the extra time you each spend on the result. You also never want to make it stressful for either your collaborator or yourself, so you'll need to work on other projects or find something else to do while you're waiting. 

Don't limit yourself

You might think a collaboration gets worse if there are too many contributors, but generally, that's not the truth. In most cases, it's better to connect with more people to get the most out of your creativity and to get the best results possible.

Bonus tip:
Don't be afraid to contact bigger artists for collaborations, if they like your demo there's a big chance they choose to work with you. Good to keep in mind when asking bigger artists to collab, is to have half of the song already finished so that they can put their touch on the other half and not need to worry about creating the whole song. 

Written & Edited by Daniel Oak. 

- July 31st, 2022. 

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