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The story of "Lonely"

Published on 5 September 2022 at 15:00

Get to know Firevity and learn how he made his latest BBX release Lonely! 

How did the track come together?

"I've been listening to future bounce literally nonstop since I started listening to it about 2 years ago, and as you can hear most of the track is inspired by the big ones, starting from the samples, (the atmos used in "Boomerang" by Brooks for example).

I never considered myself a musical genius but once that melody came out randomly it all went smoothly and I started going at it for a week straight until it actually came together. "

What were your main inspirations for Lonely?

"As I said, listening to a lot of other guys' stuff and through friends, I managed to build my own knowledge and learn how to work in the genre!"

What's your top tip for anyone just starting out?

"Ask others for feedback and take it seriously because it will help you A LOT. Just try to meet new people who can help you improve as a music producer."

Anything else on your mind? 

"As you may know I'm only 15 so I have a long way to go but I feel like for my age I'm doing fine and I will continue to try and get better."

Lonely by Firevity is out now on all platforms, stream it here


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