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Nureddin Yahya Kuzu known as "BBX" is a electronic music producer, songwriter and the Owner of the Record Label "BBX Music" an independent record label for upcoming talents. BBX is 16 years old and is from Turkey. He is also known with his most popular release "Broken". He also made a lo-fi track named "Orange Sky" for the 15-year-old actor Kyle Breitkopf.


Broken (with Şuayb Özdemir and cadas)

"Broken" a triple single by BBX , Şuayb Özdemir and cadas,

a Dark Future Bounce (House) track.

Potato (with TunaX)

"Potato" a duo single by BBX and TunaX, a Potato themed House track. Also contains a meme :)

In My Heart (with Meh)


"Snow" a single by BBX, a Snow themed Lo-Fi track.

Orange Sky

"Orange Sky" is made by BBX for the 15-year-old actor Kyle Breitkopf :)


"Thunder" is a EP by BBX, a Thunderstorm themed Lo-Fi track.


"Thunder" is a Single by BBX, a Rain themed Lo-Fi track.


"Bounce" is a single by BBX, a Fast and Bouncy House Track.


"Jupiter" is the first single of BBX, a Lo-Fi track.