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Sanuga Nethmira aka. Music Arcade is a producer from Sri Lanka.

Tanzil Ahmed Rafi aka. TANZiL is a 16 y/o producer from Bangladesh.

Safwan is a 17 year old music producer from Bangladesh on a mission to inspire & motivate the world to work harder, play harder and of course, dance harder!

A group of the 3 Best Friends Nureddin (BBX), Şuayb Özdemir and Çağdaş (cadas). They are trying to get their name out there.

Çağdaş Çalışkan known with his artist name "cadas" is a electronic music producer and composer. cadas is 14 years old and is from Turkey.

Şuayb Özdemir is a electronic music producer and songwriter. Şuayb is 15 years old and is from Turkey.

Melodic Eclipse is a small town country girl of the United States at the ripe age of seventeen, she enjoys many things in her past time but most of all loves to make music.


Meh is the first artist of this label. He is also known as "The Replaceable Friend" before, but now he rebranded.

BBX (Owner)

Nureddin Yahya Kuzu known as "BBX" is a electronic music producer, songwriter and the Owner of the Record Label "BBX Music" an independent record label for upcoming talents. BBX is 17 years old and is from Turkey. He is also known with his most popular release "Broken". He also made a lo-fi track named "Orange Sky" for the 15-year-old actor Kyle Breitkopf.